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Ravshan S.K.


My name is Ravshan S.K. (Ravshanbek Khodzhimatov). I hold a Master’s Degree in Economics from Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey. My research interests are agent-based modeling, macroeconometrics and forecasting. Aside from my expertise in economics, I have an experience working as financial analyst, customer service assistant, marketing assistant, interpreter, data scientist and web developer.

What services do I provide?

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I provide data analysis and statistical and economic consulting services, which include:

In the blog of this website I give a generic picture of works done and publish on related auxilliary topics, but not the work itself.


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You can also contact me via email or social media. The most recent info is available below. Please write the subject and description of your project and include the estimated budget.


The best way to contact me is via email to rsk@ravshansk.com. I am also available on most social media, but I’m mostly active on Twitter.

I share important posts from this website’s blog to Medium.

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