Undergraduate business degree is a waste of time

I believe that undergraduate business education is the most useless degree. Having received one myself, I can tell you that every single topic they teach can easily be learned by reading a textbook or googling.

Of course, they teach soft skills like report writing, doing presentations in teams, but having to give up 4 years to learn that, doesn’t pass my cost-benefit criteria.

Everything they teach you in undergraduate business school in 4 years is also taught to MBA students in 1 year of coursework + 1 year of preparing an MBA project. Most even manage to work full-time during MBA.

I sincerely believe that some day people will understand this and all the Bachelor’s programs in business will shut down in favor of 1–2 year crash courses, or cease entirely in favor of MBAs. It is a lot better to obtain Bachelor’s degree in some speicalized field and to be expert in it, and then quickly obtain an MBA and learn everything business majors learned in 4 years of not working.