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Articles on Economics

Valuation Calculator for Subscription-Based Businesses

Last summer I worked on a project that used Daniel McCarthy, Peter Fader and Bruce Hardie’s valuation model, described in their paper “Valuing Subscription-Based Businesses Using Publicly Disclosed Customer Data” available at SSRN.


The future of economic publishing

I finished my thesis on Financial Economics at the beginning of this summer. I performed simulations for different investment strategies for Turkish households, to see which investment option is the best.


Object-oriented Game of Life in Python


I have been planning to build a superior GUI alternative to NetLogo for a long time. When I finally started working on a project, I decided to test the basic implementations in Python. Sure enough, the first app was Conway’s Game of Life - a great special case of cellular automata.


Bitcoin forgot its roots. Should we tax it?

Bitcoin was invented and became popular first within a crypto community whose members were predominantly influenced by the so-called “hacker culture”.


Introducing Panel FMOLS/DOLS command for Stata

Last week I was hired to perform a thorough analysis of a panel dataset for export dynamics of different sectors in a country. I had never done panel econometrics before or even read it in a textbook. But since I am good at cross-section and time-series, I believed I could handle the task. And I wasn’t wrong.


Using impulse response functions to interpret partial effects in neural networks

This week I’ve been working on a research paper based on a very simple idea which, hopefully, can solve an important problem in applying machine learning techniques in economics — the interpretability. So, if you recall, the neural networks is the generalization of a logit model where sigmoid of a linear combination of inputs is used iteratively.