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Articles on Management

Valuation Calculator for Subscription-Based Businesses

Last summer I worked on a project that used Daniel McCarthy, Peter Fader and Bruce Hardie’s valuation model, described in their paper “Valuing Subscription-Based Businesses Using Publicly Disclosed Customer Data” available at SSRN.


This is how you should never end your blog posts

Almost every blogging tutorial suggests you to end your posts with the so-called CTAs (call-to-action). They say that encouraging your readers to comment will help to promote your blog. Most bloggers seem to miss the point and use phrases like “and what do you think?”, “share your thoughts in comments”. For sure, commenting increases indexation of your page and solidifies your audience, but this only happens if comments come organically. I will now elaborate on my claim.


Business education needs a dose of pessimism

Undergraduate business education faces a lot of criticism spanning from lack of practical training to philosophical arguments that management shouldn’t be taught at undergraduate level at all. I cannot change the status quo and won’t try to repeat these statements - I will try to give a constructive feedback. What I propose in this article is very easy to implement: it will just require change in the attitude.


Undergraduate business degree is a waste of time

I believe that undergraduate business education is the most useless degree. Having received one myself, I can tell you that every single topic they teach can easily be learned by reading a textbook or googling.


Transform Excel into a translation tool using this VBA macro

A brief preface

This summer I did an internship at BSH Hausgeräte (aka Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances), where I built a lot of amazing tools on Excel using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). I helped them automate monthly reports, which now take just a few seconds to complete. I would’ve contribute a lot more to the company if not for the corporate restrictions, according to which I wasn’t authorized to access code from other departments.