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Articles on Statistics

Simulating Likert scale data in R

In my last project I had to find theoretical limits for a psychometric index involving Likert scale data (aka categorical data). After successfully finding it, I decided to test the results in a simple Monte-Carlo simulation.


Why is econometrics focused on linear models?

Econometrics is a separate discipline from statistics/probability/machine learning for a reason. The primary aim of econometrics and economics in general is interpretability. Economists could easily build very realistic models with hundreds of moving parts/variables, but they don’t do it, because they aim to make models as simple as possible.


Using impulse response functions to interpret partial effects in neural networks

This week I’ve been working on a research paper based on a very simple idea which, hopefully, can solve an important problem in applying machine learning techniques in economics — the interpretability. So, if you recall, the neural networks is the generalization of a logit model where sigmoid of a linear combination of inputs is used iteratively.